30 April, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday again, and though I am swamped down with so many things, I wanted to take a quick moment to offer my thankfulness. Since I've been so busy, I'm going to keep it short this week, and only pay homage to one awesome inspiration.

Helen Ginger. I found Helen's blog through the Blood Red Pencil, as she is a regular editor/blogger on the BRP. Her columns are always insightful and fascinating, so I started to follow her actual blog, Straight from Hel. She covers a wide variety of topics on her blog, including writer interviews, writing advice, editorial advice and trends in publishing. There is never a dull post on Ms. Ginger's blog, so if you have never visited Straight From Hel, I highly recommend it. You can learn a lot from this woman. Take my word for it.

Sorry it's so short this week. It's late and I've got a lot of edits to get done. I'm just about to put this manuscript to bed, so wish me luck!


Anny Cook said...

Thanks for the recommendation! Best wishes with the edits!

Helen Ginger said...

Thank you Jenny!

Hope you have your edits done by now and have put the manuscript (and yourself) to bed.