03 April, 2009

A God Never Forgets...

Temple of Apollo @ Delphi
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Apollo Rejected

Slowly fan these flames
in attempt to blow them out
yet they burn on,
lapping thirstily at my skin
like tired dogs.

Apollo's fiery fury, and I blister,
consumed with passion
behind the wavering reality
evaporating with every breath-
to let go, would bring freedom,
but what immunity have I?

Scarred from the inside out
a molten reminder
of incomplete sacrifice-
A god never forgets!
© 2005 J. Hudock

Just a bit of poetry today... had a busy day, got some writing done, prepping to do a bit more before turning in. I hope you all had a fabulous Friday.

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Helen Ginger said...

I admire those who can write poetry. I think it's something you have to feel inside and you have to do often or you lose the rhythm.

Nice way to start the day off.