07 April, 2009

Because it's Tuesday

Spring Lamb
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I'm happy to say that I haven't been blogging as much frequently because I've actually been writing. That's always a positive thing. Right after finishing the draft on my short story Sunday, I actually started another short story. I've also been writing a lot of poetry, some of which I share here with you.


In the lion's jaws
this lamb lies still
bent neck, bleeding
all fear receding
as he lopes off
away from the pride
finding some dark
secluded place to hide
where he can lap at her wounds
until saliva mends the skin
and she is whole again.

© 2009 J. Hudock

The Sea

Waves rush in against the cliffs:
that is the crushing breathlessness of you.
Three gulls circle overhead, little spies
that carry pieces of me away in their cries.
I am nothing but the spray of rain on stone,
an essence of color, refracted light.
Breathe in all the mist that is left of me,
and carry me back out with you to sea.

© 2009 J. Hudock

Here's hoping your Wednesday is bliss.


Helen Ginger said...

Interesting. In ways, the two poems feel similar, yet they're different.

Anonymous said...

The imagery in "Whole" is amazing. I read it over a few times, came back and read it again. The scheme and flow are effortless.

Nicole Ireland said...

I loved Whole. I agree that the imagery was awesome and powerful.

Great work on both.

Jenny Beans said...

Thank you. "Whole" is probably my favorite poem I've written lately. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it.

David Eric Tomlinson said...

I love "I am nothing but the spray of rain on stone"

Mindy Lee said...

The images these brought was so vivid and thought provoking.