04 April, 2009

The First Draft

The first draft of a story is always the hardest for me. It doesn't matter if I finish it with the worst ending in the world, once it's finished there is a confidence there that allows me to go back and rewrite and polish until my heart's content, even stripping out entire sections and adding in new ones.

For some reason, the story I am writing right now has been really struggling against me. I think most days I'm exhausted from writing for work, that when it's time to sit down and write for real, I'm just not in the mood. I have been writing every day, though, even if it's just 200 or so words. Today, I managed about 1100 words and I'm nearing the turning point in the story. Tomorrow, I plan to finish this first draft so I can sit on it for a few days, then come back and start the editing process.

The funny thing is how long it takes to get that first draft out. I have been working on this story for about 3 weeks. I'm not sure if it's because I have higher expectation or a little bit of outside pressure, but despite the very clear outline of the story I mapped out in my head before writing, it has been like pulling teeth to get it out.

It's coming though. I'm excited. I can't wait until this first draft is done. I have passed up on a couple other ideas, writing them down for safe keeping, just because I wanted to commit myself to finishing this project before I moved on. I will be grateful when I'm done.

Now, I'm off to bed with a handful of Horror Fest to spur on nightmares. I will be back tomorrow, the proud author of another completed first draft.


Rachel Cotterill said...

Oh, I love first drafts. So much so that, if my second draft needs a *lot* of change, I go back to a blank page and write from scratch again...

Sheri said...

My first draft to my novel is taking many many months. So 3 weeks seems really quick to me. :)

Morgan Mandel said...

I agree. 3 weeks sounds super speedy to me. Sometimes it takes me years. I do like it when the first draft is done and then I can spend time polishing. It's a lot easier than being creative.

Morgan Mandel

Jenny Beans said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies. I think I forgot to clarify that I am working on a short story, not a novel. Novel length works definitely take a lot longer for me.