14 April, 2009

Changes Brewing on the Wind

Well, after all of my whining about the difficult time I had working on my short story last week, I am proud to say that Sunday I finished draft two. I sent it off to a couple of friends I workshop with, and this afternoon I made third draft edits. I then folded it into a cyber envelope stamped TEAM AWESOME and sent it off to the secret project that requested the story to begin with.

Aside from feeling incredibly accomplished today, I was also quite flattered when my friend and colleague, Steve, told me that the story reminded him of Edgar Allan Poe. That is probably the most amazing compliment I have ever gotten as a writer. Thank you, Steve.

I am now working on a group of short stories for a concept I'd like to propose, but the project is very secret, so I can't share details at this time. I have one story finished, and a second one about 1/4 of the way done. I hope to have the first draft of that story finished before Friday. Wish me luck.

All of this has left me feeling incredibly good. Big changes are coming, and I'm excited about them. I leave you with this poem, and wishes for a wonderful wednesday!

Brewing On the Wind

Tangled clouds like webs of dust
blown from hiding under the bed
and the dragon's open mouth
smokey teeth glisten
preparing to chomp down
on the light of the moon.
Hallowed Mother, suffocate
beneath speeding
atmospheric veil.

There are changes brewing
on the wind--
I can smell them.

© 2009 J. Hudock


David Eric Tomlinson said...

Congrats! Where can I get one of those "Team Awesome" cyber envelopes? I hear they're all the rage nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your projects!! Also, I really enjoyed the poem, especially the idea that the winds of change have a scent.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the projects you've got going, Jenny. I can't wait to hear just what the secrets are.

I thought the poem was good. Great ending, especially!

I'm looking forward to your next post.


Mindy Lee said...

The poem rocks out loud, as do you my dear friend!!