16 March, 2009

If it isn't broken...

Not Drowning
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You know that old cliche, if it isn't broke, don't fix it? Well, today that theme cropped up around every corner, and I couldn't help but wonder what life was trying to tell me. Aside from the obvious: that if you do something really well, and people continually tell you how great they think what you are doing is, don't compromise that greatness. And especially don't do it out of some strange need to get things done more quickly and more shoddily. There's nothing in the world worse than something that's going to fall apart ten minutes after you put it together. (ahem, Chinese toy manufacturers...)

I really thought this was common sense, but as many times as it came up in my life today, I had to wonder. Is fixing unbroken things going to become part of this super cool world we live in filled with rude service personnel who don't think they should have to serve anyone and snarky bill collectors who brutally patronize you for being late with your Verizon bill, but then go home and scream at T-mobile because they can't afford to pay their mobile bill on time?

If anything, the above two paragraphs should completely showcase my mood, and explain why this blog post has been stopped: here.

(almost... on to bigger and happier things tomorrow. Promise. Oh and for the record, G.I. Joe is NOT broken, nor is he drowning. He's taking a water nap!)


Helen Ginger said...

GI Joe is apparently really hip. I've heard tell of folks lying in a tank of water. It's supposed to be therapeutic or something. The rest of us call it a bath. Add some bubbles and let your worries float away.

AravisGirl said...

Oh! A bath! I love baths, except when they get cold :(

I've never understood how you can fix something that's not broken. What is there to fix?

Jenny Beans said...

Yes, Helen. I think that is what he was doing. He was floating away on the worry bubbles. I love baths too. Though I think a sensory deprivation tank would be nice on days like yesterday.

Lynnette Labelle said...

I used to believe (now, this was when I was much younger, of course) that everyone sang and danced in the streets just like in musicals. I asked my mom if we could move to a place where people were that happy. Both my parents laughed. I was told people don't really do that. Why not? Maybe this would be a better place if more people took the time to have fun and didn't focus so much on negativity. The examples you gave reminded me of this.

Lynnette Labelle

Jenny Beans said...

Lynette, that is great advice, especially in a time where so many people are running frantic through the streets crying doom, doom is near at hand... I'd rather they were dancing and singing, like in Grease! :) Because that's the way it should be, wa wa wa waaaaaaaa!