08 March, 2009

Almost there...

We spent from Thursday through Saturday remodeling our bedroom and finally making the space our own. After moving into our house four years ago, we never knew what we wanted to do to make the space our own, but finally we put our signature on the bedroom, a place where we spend quite a good deal of our time. We're about 9/10's of the way finished, having only the moon scene to paint on the wall I didn't photograph. We're waiting for the paint, and then we'll finish. So far though, I have these pictures to share with you:

Once we're all done I will update the photos and show you the overall progress. I'm very happy with it. Every day I've woken up feeling rejuvenated and excited to finally have a room that I chose and decorated the way I wanted. So far it is a great embodiment of our mutual creativity, and we had a really good time doing the work together. It definitely got us in the mood to do other projects around the house, so look out bathroom. We'll be coming to getcha!

In other news, the bedroom project suspended both of our creativity for the weekend. I think I wrote maybe 1000 words all weekend and two poems. It's time to get back in the chair and get some of these ideas completed.

I'm also pleased to say that the next issue of eMuse going live on March 15th, with artwork by Andrew Kaufman, poetry by David Kowalcyzk, Doug Mathewson, Ray Succre, Anne Brooke and Tomás Ó Cárthaigh, fiction by Janet Yung and Yours Truly, and an article on breaking into freelance writing by Nicole Ireland.

We are currently working very hard on the June issue. I've already nabbed some great material from our slush pile for the June edition and I'm currently putting together an interview with James Melzer, author of The Zombie Chronicles. Needless to say, I am very excited about everything going on on the eMuse front. We recently joined twitter, so if you tweet, I hope you'll join us: eMuse on Twitter, and stay tuned in to all of our happenings (as well as some of my random musings.)


Helen Ginger said...

I wish I had at least one artistic bone in my body. My husband and I did a repaint on the inside of the house about a year or so ago. No clouds or anything artistic like yours, but we added color. We were so sick of white walls. Now we have multiple colors throughout the house, one room is even two colors. And my office is blue walls with a yellow ceiling.

Nicole Ireland said...

Although you didn't write much, you were still being creative and flexing another creativity bone. That's never a bad thing.

I love the clouds, by the way. I wish we could paint our walls, but trailer walls aren't easy. When we finally have the money, we want an Asian-themed bedroom.