22 March, 2009

Formulating an Idea

One of the toughest things for me as a writer is getting the story out of my head. I realize that is probably a tough thing for a lot of writers. I can sit down and verbally tell an entire story from beginning to end, but when I am behind the keyboard it is extremely hard to put it down the way I originally saw it in my head. Now I know that it is all part of the process, that I need to expand on it once the original idea is out on paper, but my word! Tell my brain that, someone. I keep telling it that we will worry about expanding the details and polishing it up in the second draft, but my overactive brain keeps crying about how unfair it is that nothing comes out perfect the first time we write it down.

Does anyone else go through that? I've written entire novels in my head, all the way down to the most obscure details, but then had difficulty committing them to paper, and I really think that's why. I get upset that it doesn't come out the way I saw it in my head. But I learned while I was taking art classes in college that just because you draw something the first time and it doesn't come out like you saw it in your head, through the refining process you can mold and shape what you have produced into a masterpiece. I already know that the solution is telling my brain to chill out and just write already! My word! Worry about the details once you have a solid base to work from.

The story I am working on has an air of Romantic Horror, though I plan for it to be bloodier and somewhat more twisted than any Romantic horror I ever read in college. There will be a portrait of an Elizabeth Bathory inspired Countess, a young man with murder on his mind and the obvious hand of the devil orchestrating the goriest acts of the story. It'll be a short story, and I have special plans for it, so here's hoping it all comes together as I have seen it in my head (at least by the end of the revisions process anyway!)0

I finally got the paint I needed to do the full moon on the bedroom wall. I'm pleased with how it turned out. We will now gradually add stars to the ceiling, possibly have a few trickle down into the clouds. Pictures upcoming. I have about sixty pics I need to tinker with in photoshop since my niece just had her fourth birthday party on Thursday. Once I get a spare moment to do that, I will add the photos I took of the moon.

Lastly, I was saddened today to read that Nicholas Hughes, son of the famous poetess Sylvia Plath, committed suicide this weekend. To have lived under the weight of such a tremendous shadow, more than likely with the strange guilty burden of his mother's suicide... so sad indeed. I think I will write a poem about it later.

I'm off now to get on the treadmill after a lazy day of reading, napping and writing, and then I want to get some more writing done before bed. I hope you all had a lovely, stress-free weekend.


Rachel Cotterill said...

Absolutely! I write scenes in my head while out walking or on my cross-trainer, and then I get very stuck trying to put fingers to keyboard. It happens with blog posts as well as novels! :)

Jenny Beans said...

I forget sometimes that there is so much more to the writing it down process. Glad to know I'm not the only one!!

Morgan Mandel said...

Amazing how the brain and fingers don't always cooperate with each other.

That's some outfit in the picture you've got up.

Morgan Mandel

AravisGirl said...

I'd like to see the photos of your room once it's done :D

Um...I have forgotten more stories than there are stars. At least it feels that way. I think it through too much and I'll never get around to writing it. If I do, I usually won't finish. Also, it does frustrated me that I can't transfer my stories which are cinematic in my head in a way that gets it across accurately. I soooo could make movies so long as I had little prop actors who looked real ;)

Nicole Ireland said...

You know, I was apprehensive the other day letting you read the first draft of my short story. You told me that, and I quote, "It's a first draft. I'm sure it's fine. ;)."

I have the same problem as you. I want the story to come out right the first time. When it doesn't, I get mad. I see it so clearly in my head, like you, and yet it bucks the system and refuses to come out the way I wish.

My advice to you the other night was to let the story marinate a little longer. Jot down the major things you want to happen, that way you don't forget, but let it all sit in there and it will work itself out.

I have faith that you can tell any story that you choose to. Can't is not part of your vocabulary when it comes to writing. I honestly believe that when the time is right, that story will spill forth from your mind an make its weigh onto paper (or computer screen).

Have faith!!