06 March, 2009

Creating Your Space...

As a writer, environment is essential to my mood and my level of creativity. One of the things that attracted me to our house when we bought it was the room I have turned into my office. French doors, beautiful falling vine wallpaper, hunter green textured paint has left me feeling like I'm in a spring environment even on the coldest days of winter.

Presently, we are redecorating our bedroom in a night sky colors. We plan to add a full moon complete with stars mural over time to induce a peaceful atmosphere not only for sleeping and dreaming in, but for creative reflection.

Between my husband and myself, we spend a great deal of our creative time in that room. He practices guitar in there during the winter months, writers poetry and keeps his journal. Our bedroom is also our meditation space, so we wanted to create an atmosphere reflective of nature. So far it's coming along beautifully. Though we have both sacrificed quite a bit of time away from our creativity this weekend to set this mutual vision in motion, I feel like it's completely worth it.

As creative people, I think having a conducive atmosphere is absolutely necessary in keeping the mind always in the frame of mind we need to keep up our endeavors. Do you have a special, creative place in your home, and if so how have you decorated it and why?

Stay tuned for upcoming photos as we finish our adventure in roomscaping. :)


Morgan Mandel said...

I'm sitting at my desk in the dining room, where I most love to do my writing at home. I'm lucky if I can clear off the desk to find room to write notes. I did spend a few hours putting items away in a new file cabinet, which makes the room look neater. That's as far as creative I got.

Morgan Mandel

Helen Ginger said...

I like my office. My desk faces a large window that looks out to trees. It's not unusual to spot squirrels, deer, rabbits, road runners and lots of birds. Plus, on a side wall, I put up an eight foot long bulletin board (my husband made it for me), so I have photos on it as well as work stuff.

AravisGirl said...

(Know I'm late)

Some places do inspire me :D I like to look out the window when I'm writing at my neighbor's garden.