02 October, 2008


About ten minutes ago, while I was outside decking the halls with snakes and spiders, Owl perched on the porch and announced, "Today is Windsday." As if I needed someone to point out the obvious, but then Owl loves to do that, thinking he is by far the cleverest in all the Hundred Acre Woods.

So as I continued to spit out strands of spiderweb, I went about my task of Halloweening the house when much to my surprise one of my favorite tombstones that I had crafted just last Sunday went flying down the road. I had staked them in the front yard, hoping the backing of the house would help to windproof the area a bit, but unfortunately the taller tombstones are not fairing well against the blustery day. I can see how the thicker insulation would have held up better, but on the other hand I don't think anything made of styrofoam that has a greater height than 2 feet could withstand Windsday.

I'll have to quest to Home Depot for the thicker insulation, maybe this weekend, since Lowes is completely inadequate and doesn't even seem to carry either drywall or thick styrofoam insulation. Further proof as to why I prefer Tony Stewart over Jimmie Johnson.

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