03 October, 2008

Forget about Obama and McCain, Vote ROTH!!

One of my dearest friends has had a load of publishing success this last year, and one of her books has been nominated by Night Owl Romance as "Best Fantasy and Futuristic Off World Novel of 2008." I am so excited for her. She has come such a long way. I'd be grateful if I could count on my readers and friends to vote for her. You can do so here:

2008 Fall N.O.R. Awards

The title of her novel is Access Denied and her name is Jacqueline Roth. If you're interested in checking out her work, please don't hesitate:

Jacqueline Roth at Cerridwen Press and under her alter-ego, a more daring and delicious side Elyssa Edwards at Elloras Cave

Thank you in advance for helping someone see a dream come true.

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