18 October, 2008

Lazy Days

I had big plans for today, but the day started slowly. I woke up with a sinus headache, and by the time it was gone, so was the morning. I had made plans with my best friend and her husband for this evening. He was coming over to clean our furnace and she and I were going to hang out. So after we ran errands, we came home and I literally got sucked in by the emptiness of television. I wasted an entire hour of my life watching some show on the Food Network about making cities out of cake. Then I fell asleep through Indiana Jones.

I was so disappointed, but the movie really didn't keep my interest. Most of the adventure felt like it recycled over itself... chase chase chase chase chase Mayan temple. The End. I was really looking forward to that movie.

By the time I woke up and got around to anything, Chris and her husband were here. It was nice spending time with them, but man. Where did the rest of the day go?

The TV gods should feel sated. They sucked out half of my soul today. I'm going to lay in bed with some research after I write at least 500 words. I can't let myself go to bed without putting a smidge of effort into writing today, especially since I plan to work tomorrow.

I think we all need a lazy day now and again, but no matter what they always leave me feeling a little guilty. Like I don't deserve to relax.

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Susan said...

Don't feel guilty--we all need a little Food Network now and then.