31 January, 2009

I'm Still Here!!

It has been an incredibly busy week, so busy that I have completely forgone blogging to work on other writing project. When the muse calls, I have to answer. So I hope you will find in your hearts to forgive me for not keeping up with everything this week. I will do my best to get out and check out everyone's happenings, and I thought of you all every day!

I've been writing like mad. In the last two weeks, I've written more than the NaNoWriMo challenge requirements. It's been a fantastic routine. Wake up, check mail, work, finish work and then write. The Writing sometimes overpowered other important things like eating, breathing and of course, blogging. I even passed on several of my favorite television shows throughout the week because I couldn't tear myself away from the plots I've got going on.

In other news, last night's episode of Battlestar Galactica still has me on edge. It was incredibly powerful, but I went to bed feeling like I'd been sucker punched. Haven't been able to catch my breath since. Now that, is quality entertainment. If you don't watch, you're missing out. If you do watch, you know what I'm talking about.

At work it's been Super Bowl Madness, let me tell you. As a semi-Pittsburgh native, I've been looking forward to the game, even as I really am not a big fan of football. The game makes little sense to me, even after having spent about four years as a cheerleader in my youth, and several games wandering aimlessly around our high school fool field checking out the guys from other schools. (No wonder I don't get it...:p) But when we lived in Pittsburgh, it was one of the coolest feelings when the Steelers won a game. There was pride there, and the atmosphere of the city seemed to shift momentarily to capture the excitement and wonder. There were always fireworks when home games were won, and we could see them perfectly because the Three Rivers Stadium wasn't far from our house. So I am looking forward to the game tomorrow night. We're actually heading out to a friend's party, something we haven't done in years. Should be fun.

Well, I'm off to check on some blogs, and then I have a date with my plot. I hope everyone has a great weekend, oh, and check out my Super Bowl post!! :)


Morgan Mandel said...

I'm very proud of you and jealous. If I had 77,000 words done on my book, I'd be done. I've got 62+. I thought I had 2000 more, but then found out I'd revised and not taken out some of the old version. That was disappointing, but at least I've got my manuscript moving forward. Plan to do more this weekend.

Morgan Mandel

Rachel Cotterill said...

Glad your writing is going so well - no wonder you don't want to stop even to eat :)

mberenis said...

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Mindy Lee said...

Your enthusiasm is apparent through your words and also quite inspiring!!!