23 November, 2008

Hottest Vampires of All Time

In response to Nikole's post Hottest Vampire of All Time, and the moviefone poll on the hottest vampires of all time (check out the results here Hollyscoop,) I thought of a few smoking hot vampires that the polls left out.

Here's my sexy vampire top five:

How on earth could we forget Shane Brolly as Kraven in Underworld: Kraven

Then there was Angus Young as extreme sports vampire, Shane Brooks in Lost Boys: The Tribe. Yeah, the movie itself was not so hot, and he may not be the bets actor, but let's face it: Angus was sizzling:


In 1992 an almost unheard of independent Vampire flick called Tale of a Vampire starred sexy Englishman, Julian Sands:

Another horribly obscure 1990's vampire film, Son of Darkness: To Die for II starred the dashing English actor, Michael Praed as Vlad Tepish. My best friend and I walked around quoting the lines from t his movie until yesterday because they were so sexy... that's over 15 years of line quoting. Photobucket

I could go on for days and days, but I will end this vampire sexiness with one of the sexiest vampires of all time: Gary Oldman as Dracula.


Susan said...

It would be interesting to explore WHY vampires are so sexy.

Nicole Ireland said...

Oh, you are right. These are some that shouldn't have been left off the list. I have to say, Julian Sands makes a great vampire AND werewolf.

Jacquéline Roth said...

Julian Sands, evil wizard, vampire, whatever he's up to that man improves with age. You did leave off one sexy vampire who was actually the worst vampire of all time. I'll give you a hint, the initials are GB. *snort*

Jenny Beans said...

Jae, I promise, I did not forget Gerard Butler. He was actually listed on the original list that Nikki posted. :D

Susan, I am going to write a blog essay on the appeal of vampires. Stay tuned. :)

Nicole, Julian Sands... YUM!

Lord Corpsikus said...

Actually, Shane from lost boys is played by Angus SUTHERLAND. Donald's son and brother to Kiefer.