06 November, 2008

Dylan and Brenda vs Kelly and Dylan

During the 1990's, I did not watch Beverly Hills 90210. My friends and I were nothing like the characters on that show, and the drama we faced often seemed much more intensive than the things that go on on that show. Recently, I've taken to religiously watching all the old episodes on SoapNet.

Yes, SoapNet is the devil. Soap operas in general are very nasty things to get involved in because they are a stretch out there from real life. The glamorous characters make us feel empty and small. Every woman on these shows is incredibly beautiful (okay, Donna Martin didn't get attractive until after graduation. She had the most poofy and hideous hair in the world, but I digress...) The men are all either perfect and gorgeous or beautiful, exotic and dangerous. Let's face it people, Brandon Walsh was the perfect boyfriend every teenage girl wishes she had. He was intelligent, kind, thoughtful, encouraging and between him and Dylan McKay it's hard to tell which one of them is more like James Dean half the time.

We had a friend once who watched Little House on the Prairie every night while watching dinner because he said it was like his daily dose of religion. So, as my obsession with this show of my youth grew into monumental proportions, my wonderful husband made a joke that Beverly Hills 90210 was like my daily dose of religion.

From the church of Peach Pit, the big question that continually baffles me is what on earth would possess Dylan McKay to choose Kelly Taylor over Brenda Walsh? Yeah, sure, we all know Kelly puts out. She was the bit slut of West Beverly High before she met Brenda. Maybe Kelly changed her ways, but let's face facts people. Kelly Taylor is a bitch. Okay, so Brenda Walsh isn't perfect. She certainly has her own bitchy edge about her, but she was much more suited to Dylan's tastes academically. All he and Kelly ever seemed to do was fight and have sex. He and Brenda shared a love for poetry, drama, great literature and the passion for life itself.

I understand the need for excessive drama in a soap opera. And teenagers, having been one once myself and now being the mother of one, I can tell you that they really do trade off boyfriends and girlfriends and toss around the words, "I love you" as casually as they might say, "Can I have ketchup, please?" The point being that I can see where a high school Kelly and Dylan fling could carry off into the first few months of college, but after that break up when Dylan thought they should see other people I really think they should have called it a day and moved on with their lives.

How in the hell can Kelly Taylor be Dylan McKay's soul mate? I don't care if they do have some random child together in the new series. Dylan and Brenda belong together.

I hate to say it, but I think that Kelly was more suitable for Brandon. She balanced out his goody-two-shoes air with her sleazy past.

So to the writers of Beverly Hills 90210 and the new series rekindled, grow a brain. Dylan McKay is too complicated a character to be worthy of Kelly Taylor.

See all the wonderful distractions one can come up with when procrastinating? I'm going to end this rant here, and really start writing now, but I know it won't solve the travesty that is Dylan and Kelly! The only way to solve it is to kill Kelly off. I hope the writers get the hint. Kill Kelly Taylor's character. Dylan and Brenda or bust. :p


Anny Cook said...

Hmmm. I don't think that I ever watched even one episode. Waaaay past my era. We had real things to worry about like Vietnam War and Civil Rights and...

I suspect that's why I don't watch TV. Absolutely nothing to relate to.

Jenny Beans said...

There really isn't anything to relate to in the show. As I mentioned, it's really just mindless nonsense, unrealistic people's lives that the masses sit around and envy. Sad, really, but I watch TV and have no shame about it. I boycotted television completely for about 5 years while my daughter was young and then for the first year after we bought our first house. I did that because I didn't want her to be influenced by all the garbage they pump out like crazy.

Come to think of it, I was much more productive then. Now, I can't get off of the internet. I need a separate computer with no internet access, I think. Or maybe a course in self-control and discipline. :)

sarah calderon said...

I totally agree with you. The writers of new series really screwed things up. I mean it makes sense why brandon was not made the father of her kid cuz he is to responsible to have abandon a kid but when has anything on soaps ever made sense. They could have made up some lane reason as to why he was not on the show and moved on. Instead they completely butchered the history brenda and dylan had together. And yes i liked kelly with brandon cuz she was a better person and not a bitch with him. The only way to fix this now is to have a reunion show where brenda and dylan are together and kelly and brandon are together!