26 September, 2008

The Tombstone Project

One of the cool things about working for Mahalo is that as a guide I get exposed to a lot of really neat things on the internet. Recently I've been part of the Halloween project, getting our pages ready for Halloween, as well as adding awesome new Halloween pages. One page I worked on inspired me to get crafty with my own Samhain decorating: Halloween Tombstones

While I was scouring the net for awesome links on the best places to buy them, I also came across a few tutorials with patterns, as well as a great instructional video. So, while visiting the hardware store this afternoon I picked up some foam insulation pieces, a can of spray paint and I'm ready to start my own persona cemetery. We have a great front yard, so I'm really excited to get started on this.

I will definitely post the photos from my endeavor, so be on the lookout, and if you're looking to get crafty yourself this Halloween, check the links on the above page. Like I said, there are some really cool do-it-yourself and craft tutorials.

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