28 September, 2008

The Tombstone Project Continues

My personal cemetery is under way! As of this afternoon I have 5 homemade tombstones in the front yard, and I'm pretty proud of them. I did take some photos, but haven't had a chance to upload them yet.

My only disappointment is that the styrofoam insulation we bought was a little on the thin side. The tutorial I watched showed this amazing, thick styrofoam insulation that would be the perfect thickness for carving into if you wanted to get creative with your tombstones. For example, I had some ideas for doing relief etching that would add awesome depth, especially once painted. The paint tends to eat into the styrofoam, causing it to look more like stone. The pieces I got weren't very thick at all, maybe a third or even just half the thickness of the pieces in the tutorial that got me inspired.

Nevertheless, I made due and am very proud of the outcome despite the thinness. I still have enough left over to do between six and eight more tombstones. It'll be a fun project to get Devon into, especially now that I know what to expect from the materials. So, tomorrow we will probably spend the afternoon working on adding to our cemetery. We've been laughingly discussing which ex-boyfriends names we should add to the lawn, just for fun... :D

Once we have them all in place, I'll take more pictures and get them cropped and loaded in. Overall, it's been a fun project. I'm glad I tried it out and can't wait to play around with the thicker grade styrofoam insulation.

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