07 February, 2009

Pack Up Your Knives and Come Cook for Me


I haven't done this often on here, as I blog entertainment from time to time with my bff on the 2 Screaming Chicks blog, but I love food and I love this show, so the time has come for me to strap on the foam finger and wave Top Chef's Stefan Richter right on through to the Top Chef New York season finale.

I realize that supporting Richter could potentially earn me a bit of slack. After all, he's possibly one of the most arrogant contestants ever to have appeared on Top Chef, as if anyone thought that was even possible after Marcel. On the contrary, there is something much more appealing about Richter's arrogance, and he has certainly proven himself these last few weeks.

I started routing for Stefan when he decided to take it upon himself to seduce the series' lesbian, Jamie, to no avail. Then there was his shirt, "I Make Great Babies." How could you not love a guy with confidence in his sperm count? One of the greatest motivators, however, was when rival contestant Hosea decided to compare his own skill level to Stefan's, grasping at any opportunity he could get in front of the camera to bash the Danish-born, German-raised chef.

During the entire season of Top Chef, Stefan has been on the bottom only once (a complete farce, let me tell you,) which just goes to show he obviously likes control. And if you've got any doubts about his skills, watch this man handle a writhing eel!

Mad Eel Skills

While his arrogance is obviously an issue for many Top Chef viewers, I think there is a lacking "entitlement" that makes that arrogance endearing. The same arrogance on Hosea is lacking in charm, evidence of definite overwatered-wallflower syndrome (ie, he thinks he deserves better, but won't take action to prove himself, unless it's when making out with fellow contestant, Leah, but that's another story.)

My Top Chef prediction is that Stefan is going to take it all the way to the finale and mop up the competition because there hasn't been a chef on there this season who can compare to his skill or his confidence.

You can find out more about Stefan Richter by visiting his website: Stefan's European Catering


Mindy Lee said...

Although I totally hate to admit it, you are right, he will probably win. I'm still pulling for Carla, she's just so fun and full of spunk!!

Jenny Beans said...

Looking at the next episode's previews, I'm worried that poor Fabio may not make it to the final four if he's gotten injured. :( I really don't care for Leah or Hosea, so I'd like to see one of them out. I'd be happy for Carla if she won. I think she's got a few aces up her sleeve. There's just something about Stefan's confidence that I find intriguing. He's very passionate about what he does. I keep hearing Hosea talk about how Stefan is doing this that's too easy and taking the easy way out, which just goes to show what kind of person Hosea is... so I hope he's out.